Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What's your fashion style?

When it comes, you do keep clothes usually you are to a certain style or a fashion scientists due to the large number of attention must be invoked, you numbers on trends. It may be possible that you are aware of not your personal style. Whether your style or not read note this guide, to learn a bit more about it and you can make what changes (if want).

1. Sexy Lexis - Lexis is all about clothes that show skin as Division and particularly tight fit. You can feel that conservative or unrevealing clothes are only for the elderly. Lexis to learn when to weaken her sexy image. For example, they should be avoided, wear a blouse with deep neckline on foot in church. Look, except when it is ready received, a few dirty.

2. Care-Lesley she asks: what is fashion? Can I eat with cheese? She really know what is the latest trend, and frankly less can interest me. Lesley should try to avoid something new once in a while just for fun and put on a particular style.

3. Rebellious Chica-she makes their own rules when it comes to fashion. Avoids all that stretches like everyone else. Just as sexy Lexis may require weakening their personal style. In a job interview, they should comply with the expected standards of clothing. Lands at least up to the job.

4. Fashion Diva-style is her middle name. Always wears above on their image and hates more than once to be seen, an outfit. Keeping up with the fashion, which can get quite expensive tendencies. You need, watch carefully to their finances, to avoid additional expenditure.

5. Athletic lady - she loves their jeans and sneakers and go anywhere with them. Dress should be playing once in a while. This will help your appearance better, even if the temporary changes are.

6. Comfy Carmen-Carmen is all about comfort. You selects your clothes based on the way, how, who feels it. You should check out of bulky-looking shoes crime, which make their appearance meters wide or greater and clothing also loose fit. Clothes that are too large making everyone see heavier and older.

7. Elegant Elenin - Elenin is always dress to impress. It will not, allow that someone to see dressed down. However, it will be of benefit for them to loosen or dress comfortably once in a while. People can see perfectly constantly.

8. Put in the time - this type of person not remembers the last time bought a piece of clothing. She will not stop, wear their clothes, until it has a hole in it. You should not use the same clothes for too many years, until it (20 years later) returns to the style.

9. Balanced Brianna - she probably has one which other personal styles in this guide is referred to but clearly that certain situations that require that they up or down clothes. They are not hesitate, try a new style, as long as it doesn't make it look like a fool.

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