Monday, July 25, 2011

Sports Nutrition Programs

Sports Nutrition Programs.A carefully designed sports nutrition program must be in place to be able to achieve desired results. 

These programs will work best if they are based on scientific research and feedback from various competitive and recreational athletes through the years.  This fact should be confirmed first before fully engaging oneself in any type of program.

Adherence to what sports nutrition programs advise will significantly bring in positive results. 

However, just the same, one should be attuned to his body and to the information that it conveys to further bring in positive outcomes.  The suggestions in the programs must be in synchrony to what is actually and currently happening in the body.   

Moreover, one must take careful note that any sports nutrition program does not intend to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any illnesses.  There has to be a consultation with a physician first.  This should be the case most especially if the program includes very strenuous physical activities or exercise routines.

Sports nutrition programs vary depending on the needs and targets of an individual.  For a very active person intending to maintain general fitness, for example, there is a specific program for him. 

Intake of a recovery drink after workouts containing carbohydrates and protein may be essential for those working out at least seven hours in a single week.  Drinks such as Ultragen and Endurox R4 are recommended.  The protein will help the muscles recover faster from workouts, enhance the immune system, and elicit a positive response in spite of stress during training. 

Intake of multivitamins and antioxidants is likewise essential as such will fight the cellular damage that may take place as an effect of free radical activities induced by exercise. 

Moreover, supplements such as Endurox Capsules not only help the body cope with stress during training, they also decrease body fat levels.  This is just an example of a sports nutrition program for those who are geared at maintaining general fitness. 

On the other hand, for a competitive athlete, there might be some differences in his own sports nutrition program which appears to be stricter. 

Energy drinks or energy gels must contain carbohydrates which are known to sustain energy in spite of regular stressful and tiring trainings.  Carbohydrates also replenish reduced muscle and liver glycogen and prevent dehydration. 

Supplemental protein must be taken in as well as it promotes muscle recovery, enhances the immune system, and makes one stronger in spite of stress.  Both carbohydrates and protein must be taken in during or in-between heavy workouts.  Multivitamins and antioxidants are equally essential as well as high performance products. 

HMB supplements are mostly recommended as they have been proven to significantly improve aerobic endurance, hasten recovery from stress, and reduce levels of fat in the body.  Furthermore, fats in the body are further reduced if the supplements are coupled with Carnitine. 

A lot of factors are common in both sports nutrition programs.  However, the difference lies in the amount, timing, and regularity of intake of the above-mentioned factors.  Thus, it is indeed very important to identify how strenuous the exercise or physical activity will be before starting with any program.  Also, one must be completely aware of the current condition of the body.

These sports nutrition programs aim to bring out the best in all workouts and gear up the body for future activities, whether for competition purposes or for overall maintenance of fitness. 

Whatever the case may be, it remains very important to choose the most appropriate program.  Otherwise, positive results may not be expected and may even bring in the extreme opposite.  Careful examination should be done early on. 

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