Monday, July 25, 2011

Sports Nutrition Protein For Your Exercise Regimen

Sports Nutrition Protein For Your Exercise Regimen

Let’s be honest about this. Every athlete wants to be considered as somebody in his or her chosen field. And this is true with every single athlete. This is true about you.

But if you want to be recognized as an athlete, you’ve got to have the right nutrients in your regular food intake, specifically sports nutrition protein. While it is true that drinking enough water and eating a balanced diet is enough for the regular guy, sports people — you included — need additional nourishment, for the efficient production of energy and fuel.

Your rigorous training must be accompanied by the right amount of sports nutrition protein. This will help you maximize your athletic talents and in the process gain more power, strength, and endurance as you train.

The dynamic of these factors is simple: you’ve got the talent and are properly driven so you are into sports and need rigorous training. To endure the training, you need sports nutrition protein. And to prepare your self for the next training, the more will be your need for a sustaining formula, like sports nutrition protein. 

The benefits of sports nutrition protein

Let us start with proteins. Proteins come in animal products such as poultry, meats, fish, eggs, dairy products and plant based stuff like beans, nuts, and other foods. These foods should provide 12-15 percent of your daily calorie intake. And this is where the challenge lies -- how to extract the needed percentage from this food without consuming the excess bulk becomes a problem. This is exactly the reason why sports nutrition protein was formulated.

The reason behind this is very much like what you have with vitamins. You take vitamin C in its elemental form because, in order to obtain the needed amount of vitamin C, you have to eat lots and lots of oranges and guavas daily. Same with sports nutrition protein. You don’t need to consume kilos of meats and beans on a daily basis.

But why take protein? Because protein is the guy who gives your body the power to create new tissues. But since your body can only take so much, extra protein is either burned for energy or converted into fat. For this reason, a right amount of protein, particularly present in sports nutrition protein is needed.

Other factors to consider

The amount of protein you will need depends on your fitness level, work regimen, and the intensity and duration of your exercise. Total calorie intake, which includes carbohydrate, also plays an important role in your protein intake. But bear in mind that protein, is not only a source of energy, but exactly gives your body the power build new muscle tissues.

When is reconstituting new tissues needed? When tissues undergo a bit of “destruction” during heavy exercise. But don’t worry about this destruction. It is needed by the body to exercise its immune system (hey, your own immune system also needs an exercise, just come to think of it).

Also during exercise, the entire array of your body’s healing power is summoned. This dynamic of the human body is lost to many, specifically for those who do not believe on the necessity of involving into sports, or even simple physical activity. 

In terms of the nature of your exercise, you will need sports nutrition protein as deemed necessary. If you’re a starting athlete, you will need much more protein compared with what you need before you embarked on this journey. And if the type of sports that you are in is an endurance type, you will often burn protein for fuel. The need for sports nutrition protein is more pronounced.

You should also consider that you body burns more protein if you do not consume enough calories for this is your body’s way of compensating to maintain ideal. Not enough food and nutrients coupled with too much exercise causes this to happen.

On the other hand, your body may also use protein for energy if you exercise with low levels of muscle glycogen (a stored form of glucose, yes, sugar) or if you are doing sustained exercise without consuming enough carbohydrates. This is the reason why specially formulated nutrition, like sports nutrition protein, is important.

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