Sunday, December 11, 2011

Blog Magic and Blog Reality

What makes a blog tick - what turns on and off a reader? How can one continue to keep building a sense of anticipation and suspense? What does it take for your readers to love you and worship the website you write on? Well, that is why Blog Reality is here to put some sense into your head. The first time you declared yourself a blogger must have been one of the most magical moments of your life, right? So now, you want to maintain that magical feeling - not just with you, but all the more, with your readers.

So without any more anticipation, here's every bloggers guide on how to keep your readers hooked in your magical little blog world:

1. A good headline for your blog will create and build anticipation, so why not choose a good set of words to further intensify your readers' curiosity? How you choose your words to start your blog with is as essential as how you will end it. You have to create that perfect, dramatic climax so that your readers will keep wanting for more.

2. Versatility is one of the best weapons to use when blogging - You better think of something different to write about everyday. Remember that you are blogging to create and spark interest and not bore your readers to death. Make every blog of yours unforgettable and seductive.

3. Be giving and generous with your thoughts and emotions. You are blogging to share who you are - you are giving a piece of you as you type away your thoughts in your computer keyboard. The more generous you are, the more justice you give to your blog.

4. Honesty is never a lonely word in the blog world - your readers will get turned off if you get a little hypocrite-y or dishonest with what you believe in. Your readers are intelligent people who take the time to read your blog - give them the honesty they deserve.

5. Be funny and natural - The readers get totally turned on with humor and playfulness is applied in blog writing. It is like drawing them closer to you - so make sure you use humor, it will work like a charm.

6. Be humble and yet knowledgeable - You don't have to keep reminding your readers how lucky they are to have you though you provide them new materials to back up what they already know. Play it safe - never swag or even try calling yourself a god.

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