Friday, December 9, 2011

Understand Blogging - What Are Types of Blogs?

There would be hardly anybody these days who hasn't heard about a blog. In the last couple of years blogs have taken world at their stride. In simple words a blog is a short form of "weblog" that is nothing but a kind of website usually owned and maintained by an individual to share information with the outside world. Not just textual commentary but nowadays blogs can be in the form of graphics, pictures, videos and even music files.

In every blog, individuals who maintained it generally write on a regular basis. Literally, there are endless opportunities available when it comes to a blog, owner can write on any specific topic, other people can put their comments, they can also discuss over the subject mutually and finally the blog owner can moderate their comments. As the internet is revolutionizing itself very fast so it is really hard to define it precisely. The other similar term is micro-blogging that consists of relatively shorter posts and enhanced flexibility. Individuals can form groups and can interact with each other in a more advanced manner.

No matter, what type of blogs but in every blog an individual could share any series of event, critical information; useful information like news, videos, music etc. These are much faster and convenient ways to discuss and share things over any media. That's why blogs are much harder to control than broadcast or even print media. An ideal blog contains pictures, transcript, and links to other blogs.

Generally speaking, a blog contains text but there can be many different kinds of blogs nowadays, such as an artlog (blog focusing on art), photolog (focusing on photos), sketchlog (focusing on sketches), vlog (blog focusing on videos), mp3 blog (focusing on music), podcasting (focusing on audio). Blog could be used to share and retrieve the latest information of any subject matter under the sun.

Blogs can be categorized differently, not content wise, but also in the way that content is written and delivered.

Personal blogs - These are owned and maintained to share one's feelings and thoughts with family, friends and entire world. Blogs are nothing but just a way to express and share information with everyone. This type of blog could have sentimental quality. Personal blog are also used to get fame and popularity, and also a strong medium to stay in touch with personal contacts.

Corporate blog - It could be used for personal purpose in most cases, but it can be also be used for industry, corporate and marketing purpose. Theses are used to grow culture and communication for branding, marketing, public relations in a corporate company.

Question blog - It is a blog that answers questions. In this type of questions are submitted either through e-mail or telephone. And many experts answer them on a public forum. Anybody can ask question and answer them.

By media type - these can be photoblog, sketchblog, vlog etc. They can be anything related to these.

By class type-these are music blogs, education blogs, project blogs, political blogs, travel blogs, fashion blogs etc.

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