Thursday, December 8, 2011

Your Online World and You

In a Few Hours

The speed at which your online world can be created is simply astounding. As you discover what is taking place when you...

1. Start a Blog or Website

2. Create a profile on a social network

3. Spread content around the internet

4. And start linking everything together

... you're creating a virtual world and you are right in the middle of it.

Parents have been telling their children for generations that the world doesn't revolve around them but this is different. The world you create is designed to revolve around you.

Whether your world is intended for personal, professional or philanthropic purposes you are the designated epicenter. You are the center of the online business world you create and the more that world reflects you the better your business will be.

What Your World Sees...

In real life the world you live in is unique. No one else has the same exact people in the same exact relationships sharing the same exact experiences as you.

You are a small part of thousands of other people's worlds all intersecting and sharing some common ground.

So imagine being thrown in the middle of that world with all eyes fixed on you and every ear hanging on your every word; kind of scary.

... Is What You Show Them

The magic of your online world is that for the most part you control what people see, hear and discover about you. The greater the control you have over the media you utilize, the more accurately you can portray yourself to your world.

Honesty is the most important ingredient in any relationship. The people in your online world have limited information to consume about you compared to actually knowing you but they will always recognize sincerity and will always expect integrity.

The clearer your content presents your image or your brand, the more likely the people in your virtual world will have that sense of really knowing you.

Popularity through Value

In addition to the people in your online world recognizing you regardless of where they find you as an honest and sincere person, they expect some type of reward for belonging to your world.

In the same way we expect our friends in life to put themselves out there for us and expect even more from our families, being the center of your own internet universe does command a few expectations.

The most important question to ask is, "How have the people in my internet sphere benefited from their experience today?" This will force you to provide honest value and increase the gravitational pull on anyone who is still orbiting you in cyber space.

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