Thursday, December 8, 2011

Blog the New World, Blog It Right

Blogging is a free service on the World Wide Web. My 62 year old mother has a Blog. Those of you, who think having your own Blog or Weblog, are beyond your capabilities on the computer, you may have a surprise coming.

You don't have to know HTML (code that web pages are written in) to be apart of the fastest growing section of the internet. Blogging is an online journal of your experiences, likes, dislikes and views that can only come from your perspective. The internet is fast becoming one big online commercial and Blogs are a refreshing reminder of the intent of the original builders of the universal web.

Blogs are created by individuals for individuals, who want to communicate with a world outside of their own. There are no specific requirements in creating your own live journal. Some Bloggers simply write an account of what happened in their lives that day or that week, about their jobs, their kids, their vacations or their desires.

Ranging from the shocking to the mundane, Weblogs create a sense of community as like minded surfers link their favorite Blogs back to their own site. If you feel the need to divulge your appreciation of basket weaving, simply search for "blog+basket weaving" and that Blog will probably have links to other weavers just like you.

Blogosphere is a term related to all Weblogs or Blogs as a community. Blogs have grown their own culture and interconnectivity on the web. No subscription is required to share your experiences or enjoy or be repulsed by someone else's life, detailed for your reading pleasure.

30,000 - 40,000 new Weblogs are being created each day; link indexes like Technorati are now tracking over 7.8 million Weblogs. This Blogosphere is doubling in size about once every 5 months. It has already done so four times, in less than 2 years; the Blogosphere has increased in size by over 16 times.

People just like you are taking back the web from the large corporations one personal journal at a time, from California to Ohio to New York and everywhere in between. is an example of the new World Wide Web for the people, as it offers almost unlimited web space for posting pictures, Photoshop creations or artist renderings.

The Bloggers Gateway began as a place to write my stories and has blossomed into something more.

Dennis Sweatt is an authur, webmaster and an artist. His Blog can be seen at

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